Seafood is a way of life in Norway. Norway has the world’s second longest coastline, home of the Norwegian Atlantic Salmon and the largest exporter of Atlantic salmon in the world.

Norwegians have lived in harmony with the sea for centuries. Norway has deep-rooted seafood and seafaring traditions dating back to the Vikings era. A culture dedicated to respecting and preserving nature, a commitment to care for the country’s pristine natural environment, crystal clear fjords and pristine coastline.

Origin matters. Norwegian salmon is special. Everyday over 14 million meals of Norwegian salmon are served around the world. Known for its superb quality, intense look and fresh taste, the sustainably farmed Norwegian Salmon delivers a clean taste and texture that comes from a slow, natural growth process and exceptional regulations to ensure safety.

Norway Foods Company is based in Aalesund on the west coast of Norway. Aalesund is the heart of Norway’s fishing and salmon-farming industry. Our salmon is sourced from selected producers with long experience and tradition in fish farming. Be it fresh, frozen or smoked, we supply quality authentic Norwegian salmon year-round. We deliver high quality, fresh salmon to seafood markets, restaurants and high-end hotels. Our efficient and reliable logistics ensure a high quality product that has covered the shortest possible distance, ensuring fresh salmon all the time.

Norway Foods Company delivers salmon world-wide. We are open for business 24-7/365. Kindly contact us for any inquiries at: [email protected]

Norwegian Atlantic Salmon

Salmon thrives in cold waters. The cold Norwegian sea waters and fjords offer the ideal natural environment for salmon. Norwegian farmed salmon is safe and healthy food. Sustainably farmed Norwegian Salmon delivers a clean taste and texture that comes from a slow, natural growth process and exceptional regulations to ensure safety. Norwegian Salmon is loved for its taste and the many different ways in which it can be served. Salmon can be eaten raw, baked, poached, grilled or fried.

Salmon is rich in proteins and important B and D vitamins, selenium and potassium which are required for growth and development. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to humans’ immune system in regard to resistance against heart and vascular diseases. The Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are good for brain.

The Norwegian salmon industry sets very high standards with strict enforcement to ensure high quality of salmon as well as to ensure the health and comfort of every fish. Norwegian Salmon is reared and cared for under strict Norwegian regulation throughout the production chain to ensure food safety. No colour is added, no antibiotics are used, and the salmon is fed on an-all natural diet. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority monitors foreign substances in salmon, constantly analyzing the ingredients in fish feed. Antibiotics are very rarely used in Norwegian fish farming. The industry monitors and promotes healthy fish growth and food safety at every step.


The sea gives, and the sea takes.

The Norwegian seafood industry is committed to sustainable fishing. It aims to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Many people depend on the waters for their livelihoods. Safeguarding the environment and fish stocks for the future is the only way to continue a maintainable seafood industry that so many depend on without negatively impacting ecosystems.

Norway has invested in the capabilities and technologies that make fishing more efficient and a year-round industry, making salmon supply more reliable and a sustainable food resource for people around the world.

Purchasing process

We deliver the finest quality of fresh, frozen and smoked salmon from our selected suppliers all year-round world-wide to seafood wholesalers, markets, restaurants and hotels.  Our efficient and reliable logistics ensure a high quality product that has covered the shortest possible distance, ensuring fresh salmon all the time. Whether fresh, frozen or smoked, our logistics handling and shipping partners provide the best service and guarantee timely delivery.

We deliver by air-freight for international orders. Payment is in USD and we accept letter of credit or 100% pre-payment before shipment. From the time the letter of credit or payment is received, we have a lead time of 72 hours from harvest, cleaning, packing and delivering the order at the customer’s destination. We provide shipping documents such as Catch Certificate (CV), Packing list, Certificate of Origin, Health Certificate, Air WayBill, Proforma Invoice and Final Invoice. It is not possible to get documents before we purchase, and the fish is slaughtered.

We supply fresh whole salmon and fillets. Whole salmon is available as head-on gutted (HOG) and head-off gutted (HG) and is available as fresh or frozen. Whole salmon is available in all sizes, graded from 1-2 kilos, up to 9 kilos. Fillets are produced, in different sizes and trimmings, according to customer’s specifications. The difference between the trimmings is how much bi-products are removed from the fillet, that is tails, fins, belly fat etc. Fillets are available in fresh, frozen and smoked. Fillets are also available in portions, according to customers specifications. Portions are easy to cook.

Products are packed either IQF or VAC. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) are processed , frozen and packed within hours of catch. VAC (Vacuum packaging) involves placing the product in a foil packet with low permeability and removing air from it and sealing it tightly. VAC extends the shelf life and maintains the appropriate sensory characteristics. VAC is costly than IQF.

Most Norwegian salmon fillet exports are processed on the concept of pre rigor fillets, that is fish is normally processed and cut within a few hours of harvest. Pre rigor fillets are the freshest one can get in the market, are firmer with no gaping, and economical in handling and packaging. Post rigor fillets require more processing and thus increased costs. It is only post rigor fillets that can be trimmed to trimmings C, D and E.

Norway Foods Company also supplies other fish varieties such as trout, cod, haddock, saithe, mackerel and others. Kindly contact us for your requests.

By- products

We supply by-products. By-products are secondary products resulting from fillet and portion production. The by-products include, off-cuts, heads, tails, backbones and belly flaps.

For enquiries on the by-products, kindly contact us on  [email protected].

Salmon trim guide