We know coffee. We know the taste of the best coffee.

Norway Foods Company specializes in wholesale direct trade of  Kenyan Arabica coffee beans. Kenyan Arabica coffee is considered elite of the elite and we offer only the best specialty green coffee beans. We supply Kenyan coffee beans in wholesale to roasters, coffee cafes and coffee shops in Norway, EU and the rest of the world. We offer Kenyan coffee beans in grades AA, AB and PB.

Ours is a true coffee story. We live the coffee story. The proprietors of Norway Foods Company grew up in the farms in the Kenyan coffee highlands. We grew up growing and harvesting coffee in the rural Kenyan farms of Mt. Kenya highlands and know what it takes to produce quality coffee. The team at Norway Foods Company ventures deep in the Kenyan highlands sampling the award-winning Kenyan coffee and offer to our customers the best quality coffee beans. We cup our coffee beans selection to make sure they meet our high standards. We source our coffee directly from coffee farmers and cooperatives to ensure quality and consistency. We adhere to transparency and fair trade standards to ensure the farmers benefit directly from the coffee income. It is our commitment to procure coffee ethically and buy at a price that recognizes its superior quality and rewards the role of the farmer.

We supply coffee throughout the year to all markets.

Our coffee

We believe in offering the highest quality coffee from start to finish.

Our coffee is sourced primarily from Nyeri, Kenya; a highland region located between the slopes of Mt.Kenya and the Aberdare mountain ranges. Nyeri is traditionally known as the home of the best Kenyan Arabica coffee. The Arabica coffee varieties grown in Nyeri are mainly the SL28 and SL34. The coffee is handpicked by carefully selecting only the red ripe coffee cherries, processed using the wet processing method and sun dried to retain its natural taste and aroma. Coffee from this region is described as full bodied, with mellow and well-balanced fruity floral tastes, palate acidity and aromatic overtones giving a deeply satisfying experience.

We source our coffee directly from coffee farmers and cooperatives to ensure quality and consistency.  Our coffee undergoes a thorough grading system. The coffee beans are tested for quality and then sorted into various grades depending on size, weight and shape. The premium grades of coffee Kenya AA, AB and PB are simply a measure of the size, weight and shape of the bean. Size is important because bigger beans mean more aroma and flavor the two qualities that are of the utmost importance to coffee drinkers. Bigger coffee beans are perceived to produce better quality coffee, all other factors remaining constant.

We supply grades AA, AB and PB and can also supply other grades on customers request.


We are a responsible company that is highly attuned to the good welfare of the coffee farmer. We invest in respectful relationships with the farmers.

Our relations with coffee farmers and cooperatives allow us to interact personally. This relationship enables us to find the best qualities of coffee beans. Our goal is to maintain the relationships. We comply to transparency and fair trade standards to ensure farmers get value for their coffee. Coffee in Kenya was traditionally sold through an auction system. The auction system is not transparent and is crowded with many middlemen who steal into the farmers’ income. Despite producing the best coffee in the world Kenyan coffee farmers are very poorly paid. The Kenyan government is making changes in the coffee sector so that farmers benefit from their produce. Direct sale, also known as the “second window” is now allowed which bypasses the auction system and allows direct sale of green coffee beans in the open market.

At Norway Foods Company we advocate and source our coffee through direct sale. Interaction through direct sale instills a sense of ownership, openness of the supply chain and allows the farmers to take a larger share of the profits. We are committed to procuring coffee ethically at a price that recognizes its superior quality and rewards the role of the farmer. Our coffee sources are verified, and our coffee can be traced all the way to the cooperatives and the individual coffee farmers. Traceability of the coffee supply chain helps us to follow up on the quality, ethics, transparency and reliability of the supply chain.

We only buy coffee we know where it is coming from and we know the price paid is going to be of benefit and into the pockets of the farmer.

Purchasing process

We provide samples for cupping to our customers. Our specialty samples are grades AA, AB and PB. We can provide other grades on request. Customers are advised to get coffee samples from us for cupping to know the taste and the quality of coffee before customer commits to purchase coffee from us. Samples are free and dispatched from either Kenya or Norway. We discuss the sample size and the courier services with the customer.

Coffee prices fluctuate constantly and depend on the local and international market conditions. Kindly get in touch with us for the most current prices. Our prices are quoted in USD and include shipping costs. The most common shipping terms are FOB, CIF and C&F. However, the most common shipping is calculated on FOB terms. Our coffee is shipped from the port of Mombasa.

Our payments method is usually through a Letter of Credit or 100% pre-payment before shipment. A letter of credit is recommended as  it’s safe to both our customers and our company. Customers are advised to ensure they first approve the coffee bean samples before they commit to procure our coffee.

We can ship orders beginning at one 20-foot container. A full container will take 320 bags which is about 19.2 Metric Tons. If bulk shipment is required, the number will range from 340 to 360 bags of 60 kg each. Green coffee beans are packed in either sisal or jute bags to allow air to circulate freely. This ensures that coffee does not lose its taste and aroma. Orders can be discussed.

We ship orders within 15 days after letter of credit is approved and accepted by our bank. We can discuss the best shipping options that suite the customer. Our delivery terms are usually FOB Mombasa. We can discuss the best available shipping options with the customer. We are committed to delivering to our customers in the most convenient, efficient and economical way possible. We ship throughout the year depending on vessel availability.

For inquiries on coffee, kindly get in touch with us at: [email protected]