Norway Foods Company
Norway Foods Company is the trading name of Coffee House Holdings AS, a Norwegian registered company trading in coffee, avocado and seafood.
We are based in Aalesund in the county of Møre og Romsdal on the west coast of Norway. The region is famously known as Fjord Norway for its beauty and famous fjords. Aalesund is a traditional a fishing hub in Norway. Most of Norway’s fish are found here.
The proprietors of Norway Foods Company are natives of Kenya and Norway. We spend our lives in these two beautiful countries. That is how we are able to bring you the best of Kenya and Norway; the world known high quality Kenyan Arabica coffee and Norwegian salmon.
Believe us, we know coffee, avocado and salmon.
Our mission is to provide to the market the best quality food products and support farmers through market transparency, offering best possible prices and direct sales by avoiding middle men who exploit farmers.
We support our customers and their businesses with the best quality food products. We continuously work with our partners to improve our products. We guarantee sustainably sourced products that conform to ethical production, transparency and traceability.
Our business is born to support and improve the lives of farmers through transparent direct purchasing, buying at prices which benefit farmers to sustain their livelihood and support profitable farming.
Farming should benefit the farmer.
At Norway Foods Company, quality and sustainability are the values that drives us. We partner with farmers to provide quality products year round. Sustainable supportive relationships with farmers is in the core of our business. We support the farmer.
We venture deep in the Kenyan highlands and interact with farmers in the farms to bring you world-reknown high quality Kenyan Arabica coffee and avocado in the world market.
From our base in Aalesund we work with our selected producers to bring the best salmon and seafood from Norway
Norway Foods Company also supplies other food products such as nuts and vegetables.
Say no to farmer exploitation. Buy from Norway Foods Company.

Working hours

Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00

Saturday 08:00-15:00


Katevågen 2,

6015 Ålesund Norway.

Business no: 923 315 861