Norway Foods Company
Norway Foods Company is a Norwegian company trading in food products. We are based in Aalesund in the county of Møre og Romsdal on the west coast of Norway, a region known as Fjord Norway for its beauty and famous fjords. Aalesund is a traditional fishing hub in Norway.
Norway Foods Company is born from our experience of being Kenyan coffee farmers and a passion to improve lives of coffee farmers. We and our partners are third generation coffee farmers and grew up in the coffee highlands of Mt.Kenya, home to some of the leading premium coffee in the world.
Kenyan coffee is known for its premium qualities and is loved by coffee drinkers worldwide. Inspite of its high demand, coffee farming is not benefitting the farmer. The Kenyan coffee farmer is living in poverty from poor coffee income.
Farmers have little idea how much their coffee is sold for and to who. Cartels of marketers and middlemen dominate the coffee trade, exploiting and stealing from farmers. They pocket the profits leaving farmers in absolute poverty. The coffee farmer has lost hope and is abandoning coffee farming.
This is the story we want to change at Norway Foods Company.
Our mission is to provide our customers with premium quality and ethically sourced Kenya coffee. Through direct trade we support farmers with market accessibility, transparency, good value for coffee and improve their lives. We offer the best possible prices through direct trade and avoiding middle men who exploit farmers.
We are for the farmers. We will stop exploitation of farmers. Our business is driven by a passion to uplift the lives of farmers. We have zero tolernce for corruption. Our supply chain is transparent and we have an open book policy. We work with our partners to promote and support the communities we serve.
We believe in sustainable mutual relationships with our partners. We support our customers and their businesses with the best quality food products. We continuously work with our partners to improve our products. We guarantee sustainably sourced products that conform to ethical production, transparency and traceability.
Our business is to support and improve the lives of farmers through transparent direct trade, offering prices that can sustain their livelihood and support coffee farming. This is the only way to secure our future cup of coffee.
At Norway Foods Company, quality and sustainability are the values that drives us. We partner with farmers to provide quality products year round. Sustainable supportive mutual relationships with farmers is in the core of our business. We support the farmer.
We have diversified our products to support the farmer and  trade also in Kenyan avocados. Avocado farmers face a similar problem of exploitation just like the coffee farmers. We partner with farmers on good agricultural practices and to provide direct market accessibility. We venture deep in the Kenyan highlands and interact with farmers in the farms to bring high quality Kenyan Arabica coffee and avocado in the world market.
At our base in Aalesund, we have partnered with selected producers and export the best salmon and seafood from Norway. Our salmon and seafood is shipped through air-freight to preserve freshness and for on-time delivery.
Norway Foods Company has a professional team to match your tailor-made needs. We ship world wide.
Support farmers and say no to farmer exploitation. Say no to middlemen who steal from farmers. Buy from Norway Foods Company.

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